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"In Motion" Album Interview with Jordan

New Music Album Adds Energy to Instrumental New Age

By: C.A. Davidson

Epic Heritage Academy

interviews Jordan about his music album release of “In Motion”.

You have done a number of “live” productions and working in film and TV. How long have you been composing music … is this something new?

No, I have actually been composing music longer than doing sound for these other things. I have been interested in composing music since I was young. I have always been interested in sound and productions and how things worked. I went into the more technical side having been a little afraid of composing music mostly not knowing what may come of it. Most people know that in the creative world or being an artist is known as the starving artist field. I did want to go into something that would keep me off the street. Deep down I have always loved doing this kind of thing and for years have been writing off and on while focusing more on the technical aspect with other areas of my occupation.

How does the “In Motion” album compare with your “Solace” album?

Well, I guess the title of the album says it all; they are really two different albums. “Solace” is written for one setting and “In Motion” for another. In contrast to the calming pace of the “Solace” album, you will find that “In Motion” also lives up to its name, with a lively and upbeat pace. It is still in the New Age instrumental genre, but with added energy. I actually wrote both albums at the same time, but figured that “Solace” made a better introductory album.

With your growing “Solace” fans worldwide how do you think they will like “In Motion”?

That is hard to say. People like what they like. I try to compose timelessness in my music. Some may say this new album sounds like it was from a movie soundtrack. I have quite a bit more percussion instruments in this album compared to the orchestrations of “Solace.” I like to think I have mixed the orchestra of classical music with a little bit of rock music to make it a little bit interesting. I know that there may be those that have a preference of what they like to hear and hopefully it will come across the right way. “Solace” was more relaxing, while “In Motion” is more of a pick-me-up. There may be some it may not appeal to; there may be others who like the best of both worlds. I am hoping this will draw a different audience in the long run.

What inspires your music?

Inspiration for me comes in different ways. I love classical music, I grew up with it; we always had it playing in the house. It always sets a nice atmosphere. Those were the masters of music. I like to write music that transports you by sending you to a different place that you can go for yourself. A person who paints a painting or writes a book is taking you on a journey. I like to think I am trying to do the same thing with music and while doing it I would hope the listeners would paint their own story and not just in one way, but each time they hear it. I also think it can take them to a place that would help them feel comfortable or like being at home.

How long does it take for you to write a piece of music?

It varies, some music comes together quicker than others. Some music has taken anywhere from one day to several years. It comes at different and at the most random times. Morning, during the day, middle of the night and even at random places. It is like having a song in your head you can't stop thinking about. Unfortunately I am not always where I can be to write it down.

Do you have plans for another album anytime soon?

Most definitely! I just don't know how soon it will be. I have a number of albums in mind and a number of pieces of music in the works. One of them may be a real long album. I will say this much, one of the next albums will be on a richer setting giving you a sense of depth. If you liked the “Solace” album, I hope you would enjoy these next ones....then again it is hard to say what will come first. You're in for a bit of a ride with “In Motion'', but in the meantime I hope you enjoy the journey.

“In Motion” New Age Music Album by Jordan now available for CD or download at Nimbit Music,

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Press Release January 30, 2014

No Limit Sound Productions 2014

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