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"No Limit to the Skies" Album Interview with Jordan

By: C.A. Davidson

Press Release: Game Music Anniversary Album

Epic Heritage Academy interviews Jordan on his latest album release: the 20 year Anniversary Special Edition of album single “No Limit to the Skies”, Game music shorts.

So 20 year anniversary, I thought the “Solace” album was your first release?

The “Solace” album was my first official release. I have done a couple of album singles in the past that were not released to the public. “No Limit to the Skies” was officially my first single. At the time I was a teenager working for a video game company that needed some music pieces composed for an air combat simulation game. The music I composed for that game was not used for that project. They became a collection of music that ended up being shelved. I later added them as an album single that I thought I could use on other projects and never seemed to get there with them. I had other projects that demanded more of my time.

Why did it take you so long in releasing the album?

I worked in “live” sound for a number of years and did some post production work on a number of other projects and assignments over the years and didn't make time for it.

What was it like to working on the game project at the time as a teenager?

It was a bit overwhelming at the time. I was still young as a composer working on quite a big project. I guess you would call it my big break which I was grateful for. I was still learning concepts and theories and now working with deadlines and wondering how to apply and incorporate concepts into some of the animation sequences. This was an air combat simulator experience on a new type of game system console. Still learning things as I went along. I wasn't sure if I was going to get the ideas I needed to make the headway that was intended. It took some work and then the music came. Even with today's technology, music inspiration still comes the old fashioned way.

I know I already asked this previously, what brought you back to composing music?

I don't think I really left; I was just delayed for a while. I have always enjoyed composing music. Music is my passion, it has been a number of years composing when I could between projects and making tunes at times, but it was never far from my thoughts even with all the distractions between now and then. I love composing, I always have... sometimes I wondered how I was even going to create some of these themes, but they came.

What was it like to work on a project that was animated or had a picture to music?

Some of the gaming concepts were new at the time with 3D rendering and not your normal 2D games. I actually enjoy doing music for picture or film. At the time it was a new experience, I had melodies that I would imagine, but would leave it for the listener to put to the music. I think that still applies even now. I hope even though the music was intended for one thing, does not mean it can't have another meaning or be interpreted differently. I enjoy putting timelessness in my music. It may have been said before by those who compose music in the film industry, that half the work is done when there is a picture to reference by, all it needed was some music to bring out the picture. I would feel the same way.

“No Limit to the Skies” is more like an album single. Why is shorter than the others?

I originally wrote these tunes for the game at the time and they were not intended to be a full album. I really wanted to release this album for those who couldn't afford to pay for the full album price. These are original concepts. Some of the music concepts went on the “Solace” and “In Motion” albums and were started from here. I have had fans ask when more music was coming, I guess this is a way of tiding them over until the next album.

I understand you have another album scheduled in 2016. Why so far out?

Well, it is still kind of hush-hush... Of course, the reason for the longer time period is that composing takes a lot of time. This is going to be a big project. It is scheduled for 2016; I just hope that is going to be enough time to meet the deadline. There will be more to come on that project at another time.



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Press Release July 24, 2014

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