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'Symphonic Earth and Moon'

From way back when in the mid 1990's, when CD burners were about $1000 (which is ten times what it costs today) and the graphics were done on an Commodore Amiga system. 

This is where I got my start, I worked for a video game company that was pre-Sony PlayStation and post Nintendo for a game console called 3DO.  Some may remember these game console systems. 

It was a new type of game system for its time and started a new way of doing higher digital bit rate and sampling which of the standards of today doesn't compare.  I wrote this series of music pieces to this air combat game called VR-Stalker.  This piece was written for the introduction animation of this narrated sequence.  As all game and film scores go, not everything is used or just doesn't make the cut or the scene as they say. 

The original music for this game was done by the co-composer.  I was new to the industry and was happy to be there to learn new things.  The scene starts from the other side of the Moon to the Earth and continues through a series of short animations.  There were a lot of edits and different cuts that eliminated the need for this music in these scenes.  Some have said my music was ahead of its time.  The game has come and gone since then.  This music is still here now available on the 20th anniversary album for you to listen to.

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