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'My Dear'

Is a music piece that is simple and a little profound. I started composing this in 2003 after going through a rough time in my life. It is a bit on the short and sweet side. The music piece became one of the starting points of the "Solace" album.


"My Dear" allows a simple beginning to the "Solace" album while listening, the album increases its scale with richer instrumentation going down the list of names of the pieces until you reach the restful end.. My hope was to also allow the listener to feel as if they could make a connection somehow, feeling more relaxed or would consider a precious moment in their life with this small delight.

'Solace' was the first album that Jordan officially released.  It took him over 10 years off and on to complete.  Some of the pieces were written during some difficult times in his life.  Stress relief was intended and to relax with this collection.  These are some of the cover shots from the album.

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