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'In Motion'

[original concept]

This original concept of "In Motion" was started in 1998. I was in college doing a number of projects at the time and wrote various themes for different scenarios.

I was trying some new ideas and arrangements learning some new techniques with new instruments and tools.

There were still new concepts to learn for composing even after doing music for what is now the "No Limit to the Skies" album a few years prior. This piece later became the theme to the Award-winning album "In Motion" adding orchestration and other instruments to the arrangement.

It is still a favorite of mine. I just had to write something to get you going.

'Variations' was an album that Jordan worked on in his college days.  He worked on various projects that allowed him to explore more techniques and learn a number of his instruments.  Many of these pieces were shelved for many years then most were rewritten and later released in 2016.

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